Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Blog Everyday in May Tag: A Day in the Life

This is a typical day at the moment whilst I wait for Flynn's arrival into the world. I think I've made it sound kinda boring, but I intend to make the most of the down time that I have now!

My day usually starts at around 5:45 - 6am. Craig starts work down the road at 6:30 and I get up with him most mornings unless I'm really tired! The first thing I always do is put the kettle on and make tea to wake us both up a bit.

When he's at work, I usually spend the morning cleaning the flat and doing whatever errands need done. He comes back from work at midday and we'll have some food, then we'll either relax in the house, go out and do bits and bobs that need doing, or go out together or seperately with our own friends. Now I'm coming to the end of the pregnancy I'm also napping in the afternoon again as the fatigue has crept back in.

After 6 is when we usually settle down and watch a lot of crap TV or have movie nights with popcorn, have a bath and in bed by 10pm!


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