Our Engagement Story

How We Met
Craig and I first met properly in August 2011. It turned out that I'd met him by chance a few times over the years before that day, he was a DJ and I went out a lot when I was younger. There was a particular song that me and my friends used to love and no other DJ in town would ever play it, except for "that DJ (I didn't know his name) in Kula's" - who actually turned out to be Craig. It's still kind of weird to think that we spoke to each other and our paths crossed years before we actually got together, but I guess that's how 'destiny', 'fate' or whatever you want to call it works.

Our first proper meeting was perfectly timed. I know for a fact that if we met even just one month before we actually did, or even a month afterwards, we probably wouldn't have worked out. There were a lot of things in the air on both our sides.

The night we met, in a club in town (how original!), was a very spur-of-the-moment decision. My friend Kerry rang me up and asked me if I wanted to go out as she'd randomly been given the night off. She worked as a shot girl and never had Thursdays off, so of course we had to make the most of it as neither of us had work the next morning. I made a pit-stop at her house, where she lived with the person I was kinda involved with at the time. We had a funny relationship with each other; we'd argue like cat and dog but when things were good, they were really good. At this point in time, we were on really good terms.

The club wasn't busy, so I did notice Craig when he came in. We kind of looked at each other and I do remember thinking he was pretty nice looking and got back to my night. Kerry knew all the staff that worked there - including the bouncers - so Craig didn't approach me for a longggg time. We were on the dance floor with two massive bouncers so I think that put him off a little bit! Instead, for some reason, he decided that walking past me all the time was the way to go. Obviously I noticed him as he kept walking by every two minutes. I was wondering why he kept doing it and thought it was a bit strange (sorry Craig!). Eventually, the bouncers went and when it was just me and Kerry, he felt it safe to come over. We must have been chatting for at least an hour, even though we'd just met. We weren't flirting with each other, and I don't remember hoping that he asked for my number. It really wasn't love at first sight! When Kerry started getting tired and wanted to go home, I said goodbye and he stopped me and asked for my number.

I woke up the next morning to about four texts. I can't remember what they said, but I do remember feeling a bit overwhelmed and thinking he was a bit keen to be sending that many messages at once. He asked me out for the next night and, remembering that although he was being a bit full-on, we did get on really well the night before, I said yes. And then I cancelled a few hours later. I don't really know what was going through my mind at this point, all I can really put it down to was that I was getting on really well with the other guy and that I wasn't really into Craig straight away. I barely knew him so this was kind of understandable!

We re-arranged another date and this time I did go (hurrah). You know how first dates can sometimes be awkward or you get nervous? It didn't happen. We hit it off straight away, we got on so well. Then, a few days after our first date, unknown to me he caught me in a bar with the other guy. Let's call him L. rather than The Other Guy all the way through this! Both of them were aware of each other, but at this point it wasn't really an issue as I hadn't committed to either of them.

How We Got Together
The weeks went by and I continued seeing both on a pretty regular basis. I tried to keep them both as 'neutral' and in the 'friend' zone as possible in a bid to keep it all free of complications. Although L. and I were getting on well, what I had with Craig was different. After every date, we would drive to the beach and sit and talk for hours. We never ran out of things to talk about. I look back now and think it was actually a good thing that I'd decided to keep things friendly with both of them, because we became really good friends first before everything else.

Then, L. started wanting more, and I could see he wasn't happy with the situation. Funnily enough, around the same time was when Craig started dropping hints about becoming exclusive as well.

Are you keeping up??

Simply, I had to make a decision. Although L. is a lovely person, I knew I just didn't have the same connection to him as I did with Craig. Even if neither of them had asked me to choose, I know that inevitably it wouldn't have worked out with L. and I would have stayed with Craig anyway. I still can't explain how I knew he was the One for me, I just did. L. wasn't happy with the result at the time and went from being angry, to being sad, to accepting it and wishing us the best. I still see him around every now and then, and he and Craig actually get on really well now! I get on really well with one girl Craig's dated in the past too and it's nice that there's no awkwardness between any of us.

Once he asked me to be his girlfriend, our relationship was in full speed ahead. Everything happened so quickly. He told me he loved me about a month after we became exclusive. 
I knew he loved me before he said it because as well as all the lovely gestures he did for me, he made a fleeting comment about how this was "different", so I tortured him for about a week making annoying comments about how he "luuuuurrvved" me and generally winding him up about it. Maybe the fact that I got a horrific case of the flu by the end of that week was karma for being a pain in the bum. I was literally dying on his bed whilst he attempted to nurse me back to some sort of health when he finally told me he loved me. I looked absolutely horrendous and I'm sure we'd just watched Marley & Me as well so as well as having the beautiful side-effects of flu I also had big puffy eyes from crying. Clearly he could not resist my beauty at this moment in time and decided he needed to declare his love to me immediately!

How We Got Engaged
I knew Craig was going to propose the day he did because he was so nervous. He was being very secretive and fidgety, and because he was so nervous, it made me a little nervous too! He'd already told me many times that he was going to marry me, and we'd went to look at rings together so I knew it was coming. I'd picked out a few rings that I liked and he drew inspiration from them to pick one that I really loved. I don't really like surprises and wanted to pick my own ring at first because I'm so fussy, but eventually I knew it was something I had to let him do himself! So, he took me for a walk and we made some small-talk, both knowing why we were wandering to our 'special' spot but neither of us mentioning proposals! So we stood there for a while chatting, and I was beginning to wonder where my ring was! After a few minutes he asked if he could borrow some money to get a drink from a nearby cafe and when I opened my purse, a lovely white-gold ring with 7 little cluster diamonds were sparkling back at me. The diamonds are arranged in a way that make them look like a flower, and so pretty. It's totally 'me', he did a brilliant job. He then took the ring from me and got down on one knee to propose properly. Naturally we had to have a big party to celebrate! What I didn't realise on the night of the party was that I was just about to find out I was pregnant. Hop over to the page about Flynn if you would like to continue reading our story!

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