Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas 2012 & End of Year Summary

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! Again, serious lack of pictures as the camera cable is still missing and my pregnancy porridged brain can't think of anywhere it could be!

Last year Christmas was pretty chaotic as Craig has a huge family and for some reason we tried to see them all in one day. This year, it's been spread over three days. On Christmas Eve, we went to see his dad's side of the family and had a buffet tea at his auntie's house. On Christmas Day, we had a very relaxing morning watching TV and opening presents in the flat. My absolute favourite present from Craig was the Chance by Chanel Sheer Moisture Mist. It's not Christmas without a bit of Chanel from Santa! I've become really obsessed with keeping my skin lovely and moisturised (it's a stretchmark prevention thing) which is why he got me this as opposed to the ordinary perfume, and the fragrance is divine. It makes my skin really soft with a nice (non-glittery) sheen. I'm very impressed he actually got it as I've never pointed this product out to him, he just has good taste I guess?

We went to my parents house for Christmas dinner and to open more presents. I think my favourite present from my family, apart from the Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs I've become obsessed with, was the What to Expect When You're Expecting DVD. It was for both of us to watch together, so we watched it the other night. It was very amusing to hear the women in the movie come out with the exact same lines that I've been saying the last few months, which gives me comfort that I am not actually going mad, just my hormones are instead haha.

And finally, we went to Craig's mam's house later in the afternoon and had another little buffet tea and watched TV. Yesterday was the trip over to the Lake District to see all of my mam's side of the family to have food and open presents. My nanna's house is literally Santa's grotto every year, I love it. So that's it now, we've seen everybody. It was all very relaxing, which we kind of made a conscious effort to keep it as, because obviously next year is going to be a very different story with a bambino in the house. My nanna is literally bursting with excitement about this, especially after I showed her the latest photo! One of the reasons I haven't put the scan photo's online is because I love seeing the actual reactions on peoples faces when I show them and compare how much it's grown with each one. I think everyone is excited for next Christmas when we'll have a new addition to spoil. But for now, that's Christmas 2012 done and dusted :)

I thought I would also do this little end of year summary thing to kind of round things up as I don't think I'll be updating again before new year. Feel free to fill it out also if you like:

1. What did you do in 2012 that you'd never done before?
Move in with someone, it was kind of my personal 'rule' that I wouldn't move in with someone until I'm engaged to them, so that was a big thing I'd never done before!

2. Did you keep your new years resolutions and will you make more for next year?
I've never made them, I tend to just make goals as I go along! Maybe I should think of one or two for next year?

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?

4. Did anyone close to you die?
Thankfully no

5. Where did you visit?
Tennerife, Portugal, Majorca, Florence, St. Tropez, Corsica & Barcelona

6. What would you like to have in 2013 that you lacked in 2012?
I'll get a baby!

7. What dates from 2012 will remain etched upon your memory?
When I found out I was pregnant, and our engagement party

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year? 
The 2.1's I managed to get at university inbetween being ill!

9. What was your biggest failure?
I do think I could have handled some difficult situations better, but I don't think I did anything I really class as a failure

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
The two worst things were when I had an allergic reaction to antibiotics I was taking (horrible!) and when we both got whiplash and ligament injuries after a van crashed into my car and crushed literally the whole back end of it :(

11. What was the best thing you bought?
Not any particular material items, just the holidays and good days out we had this year

12. Where did most of your money go?
Where does everyones money go? Rent, food and petrol, and a lot of the rest went towards holidays and the wedding

13. What did you get really excited about?
I was so excited the first time Craig and I went on holiday together earlier this year. I was also really excited to be bridesmaid for my friend Gemma

14. Whose behaviour merited celebration?
All of my friends and family. They are always supportive anyway but this year they have all really been there for me and Craig when we needed them

15. Whose behaviour made you appalled and depressed?
Fortunately nobody I know personally or that I'm particularly close to! Nothing awfully bad happened close to home, which I'm thankful for

16. Compared to this time last year, are you..
a) Happier or sadder?: happier. I was happy last year but I have even more things to be excited about this year
b) Thinner or fatter?: thinner, yes even though I'm pregnant (more about this in the bump blog)
c) Richer or pooer?: richer

17. What do you wish you'd done more of?
I'm not actually sure!

18. What do you wish you'd done less of?
Worrying, oh so much worrying has been done this year!

19. How did you spend Christmas?
As I described above ^ :)

20. What was your favourite TV programme?
I really got into The Walking Dead, although it made me dream about zombies for weeks afterwards which got kind of annoying!

21. What was the best book you read?
I read one in Portugal (I only ever read on holiday), it was about two women who were seeing the same man and teamed up to get some revenge on him, it was pretty funny, even Craig got quite into that one lol

22. What was your favourite film of this year?
Batman and Bond

23. Did you fall in love in 2012?
I was already in love with Craig, but I fell in love with another.. our baby as soon as I seen it on the screen at my scan

24. What did you do on your birthday?
I'll not repeat this as I've already made a post on it :)

25. Did you make new friends this year?
I met a couple of lovely new girls through being a bridesmaid this summer

26. What did you want and get?
A flat, pregnancy

27. What did you want and not get?
A new phone, my contract isn't done yet

28. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
A life without pregnancy sickness would have been nice 

29. What kept you sane?
I was a bag full of raging hormones, I was not sane at any point at the back end of this year!

30. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
I think I grew out of having celebrity crushes quite a few years ago lol

31. Who did you miss?
One of my friends who I now see more of :)

32. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned 
As soon as I realised I was pregnant I think my whole attitude changed. Things that seemed such a big deal a few months earlier suddenly became insignificant. I guess what I learned that as long as we're happy and healthy, whatever anybody else says can only affect you if you let it. We're so lucky and blessed to have what we have, and so many other people have much less, it just doesn't make sense anymore to sweat the small stuff

Friday, 21 December 2012

Because I Couldn't Resist..

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Bump Blog #1: I'm Going to be a Mama

I am very excited to (finally!!) announce that I am pregnant with our first child!

I haven't seen much point in starting my bump blog until today as all I would have done is whinge about how ill I am up until now (oh I do love a good whinge nowadays). I am aware some people have guessed by now as I haven't really made a special effort to try and hide the pregnancy, especially in the last month or two (I figured feeling sick and/or tired are pretty generic symptoms of many things?), and I know I'm starting to show now but I haven't actually just come out and said it until today. As you can imagine with hormones flying about everywhere I didn't feel like myself for a long while and was so sensitive and vulnerable to just about everything, and was actually quite nervous about announcing for a while so I wanted to wait until I felt somewhat back to normal.

I guess I should share the story of how we found out! After feeling sick and going off my food for a few days, Craig made me take a pregnancy test. Because I was told I would probably find it hard to conceive after receiving chemotherapy years and years ago (a side effect of chemo can be reduced fertility), Craig suggested that we start trying sooner rather than later so if it did turn out that I needed treatment, we could do that and still be relatively young parents. After lots of long chats about it I went off the pill and off we went. Apparently it turns out I am very fertile, as it happened within a matter of weeks. Obviously I wasn't expecting this at all as I'd spent so long thinking that it would be really difficult for us. I definitely didn't think it would happen within the first few months at the very least. Anyway, I clearly didn't wait long enough for it to develop and as soon as it came up with one line (not pregnant) I put it in the bin. The next night, I was washing my face and the test caught my eye. It now had another faint line on it, and I just thought that was strange and decided it was a dodgy test! I was told to take another one, and again it had one prominent line and another very faint line. Very confused, we drove to Asda in the middle of the night and got some Clear Blue's. By this point I'd decided that I didn't want to get a negative result back now we'd gotten ourselves excited, so I did my thing and made Craig read it. I knew just by the look on his face that it was positive before he even said anything!

I had my first scan a month ago and I've literally not felt a better feeling than seeing our baby on the screen for the first time. It was definitely love at first sight and I knew from that moment that everything was going to be fine. Before I had the scan I would lie awake at night freaking out wondering if I'm going to be a bad mam or if I would know what to do, but as soon as I seen the baby for the first time that fear went away and it was replaced more with excitement. When we seen baby again this morning it was already bouncing and kicking away having a whale of a time in there and I should feel it moving very soon. I think it's going to be really weird to feel it kicking me but I'm so excited about it finally happening too!

So, to sum up my first trimester.. I honestly don't know how I coped with practically 24/7 sickness (which started promptly at week 3) and being so exhausted I slept 14 hours a night plus a nap during the day, whilst starting a dissertation alongside all my assignments and exams. Plus actually getting good marks for it all so far. My tutors have been so helpful and understanding, I can't thank them enough for the last few months. I was told I could push any deadline back and it wouldn't be an issue but I was determined to get all my work in on time just like everyone else. My food aversions were very strong and I quickly went off a lot of food I used to love. Craig came home with a kebab once and as soon as I sensed it, it was game over haha. I never liked them anyway but I never used to be so revolted by the smell. I wouldn't say I have cravings yet but when you feel that sick thinking about eating, if you can imagine thinking of one thing that doesn't make you feel ill when you think about eating it, you become kind of obsessed with it. I think Craig enjoyed the McFlurry phase the most, funnily enough he never complained when I woke him up and told him that we're going to McDonalds!

The second trimester however is a much better place to be! My sickness hasn't completely went away but it's eased off a lot. I'm still tired a lot but I think it's because I'm finding it more difficult to get comfortable at night as I never usually sleep on my side but I have to now because it's getting harder to lie on my stomach and back. I definitely eat a lot more than I used to, I'm constantly hungry! I figure I'm just making up for the three months that I hated food! The hormones aren't as bad as they were, although I do think they have turned me more soft than I used to be. Last week I sat watching One Born Every Minute crying my eyes out from beginning to end, not because I was freaked out at the births (although I'm not particularly looking forward to that part) but because I know that in a few months that will be us welcoming our new baby.. I really can't wait now!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

I received this lovely fragrance and the shower products to match for my birthday. Before I actually received this fragrance I'd never really had any interest in it but I knew it was popular as I sold quite a lot of it when I worked on fragrance counters.

I would literally describe this as summer in a bottle but technically it is a combination of Sicilian citron, apple, freesia, jasmine, musk and amber. If you like your fragrances light and fresh then I would say give this one a try. I don't like really heavy fragrances and I prefer the fruitier or sweeter ones and although you can tell it's slightly musky, it's not overpowering, it's very subtle.

Speaking of fragrance, one thing I always do is buy the shower gel and body lotion to match. It really makes a difference as you're 'layering' the scent and it lasts so much longer! I do this before every night out and I find I don't really need to re-apply my fragrance again during the night, so it's one less thing I have to carry in my bag!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Monday Morning Pinspiration

Sunday, 16 December 2012

My Birthday Weekend

As I said the other day, it was my birthday this weekend! I've lost the cable to my camera so I can't upload pictures of my presents yet but I got lots of lovely things from The Body Shop, Lush & just about every Soap & Glory product ever made amongst other things which I will share my thoughts on asap.

On Friday night I was surprised by Craig with all of my presents and a meal at a restaurant called Asiana, then we decided to try our luck at the casino afterwards. I'm not really a gambler (apart from the lottery every now and then!) but I had a go at some of the machines, unfortunately I didn't end up any richer :( And last night I had the big meal at Marcello's where I seen more friends and family, and today, even more vistors! It's been a really busy but good weekend!

Craig got sliiiightly tipsy, in case you couldn't tell by his eyes on that photo lol. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a picture of my cake before it was demolished! I haven't felt all too grand today (not alcohol-induced!) so I've just been relaxing all day and I've decided to end a lovely weekend with a pizza and a Lush bath :) Hope you have all had a good weekend too!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Happy Birthday to Me & Friday Five

Well I'm another year older today! Woohoo (not) - birthdays become slightly less exciting the further away you get from your teens!

Ignore the 'purr' - private joke lol

I just finished university for the year yesterday and I had the flat to myself this morning so I made the most of it by spending some quality time with the bed and the remote! I've had some visitors this afternoon and received some lovely gifts which I will do a seperate post on over the weekend. Craig is taking me out tonight although I don't know where yet as he won't tell me, and tomorrow night the celebrations continue at Marcello's which is an Italian restaurant down the road, with all my friends and family. It's kind of a tradition in my family for every birthday we all go out for dinner and invite loads of family and friends, the group seems to get bigger every year now as we're all settling down as well, it's always a really good night though!

Here is today's Friday Five to finish off, I will post again over the weekend..

1. How self-conscious do you get when someone's pointing a camera at you?
Not very, the only time I do is when people take them randomly without warning, but I don't think anybody likes that!

2. What was the last meal you took a photo of?
When I made a Sunday dinner a few weeks ago, which I then picked at and hardly ate, everyone else liked it though!

3. When were you last bitten or stung by something?
I think it was in Egypt a few years ago, I don't really tend to get bitten really. I mustn't taste very nice?!

4. What's something people miss most when they move away from your area?
I don't think they make cheesy chips properly anywhere else outside of the north east, and I guess there's events like the air show that people might miss if they moved away

5. On long day-trips do you prefer to be the driver or the passenger? Why?
I'm usually the driver, but I don't mind either way!

Friday, 7 December 2012

My Wish List

Even though we're really close to my birthday (one week, eek) and Christmas, I realised I haven't actually put a lot of thought into what I would like to receive! So I thought I should have a look about and give some of my friends and family a little inspiration, as I know I am hard to buy for! Here are some of the things I would really like to receive this season ;)

1. Lipsy Dress
Lipsy Sequin Peplum Dress: £60
I love Lipsy's dresses and I really like the new ones they've brought out for Christmas, this one is my favourite.
2. Spa Day
There is nothing I would love more after these hard couple of months than a day at the spa to totally relax!
3. Scented Candles
The Body Shop Scented Candle: £10
I like filling our home with scented candles, I don't really think you can have too many! 
4. Moisturiser
Trilogy Moisturiser: £26
Trilogy is a brand I've been interested in trying for a while but never got around to, and I need a new moisturiser soon.
5. A Holiday!
I'm obsessed with looking for holidays at the moment, we both want to get away again very soon!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Ten Day You Challenge - Nine Loves

Continuing the Ten Day You Challenge - today I'm going to do my nine loves!

1. My Pets
I've always loved animals, I've lost count of how many pets I've actually had over the years!

2. The Other Half
This is kind of a given, but it would be odd not to include him in the list! I can talk to him about anything and we know pretty much everything about each other. You know it's real love when you know every last gory detail about them and their past and you still love them anyway! He has some habits that (really!) bug me but I do things that bug him too, that's pretty standard in any relationship. We're getting married in just under two years and there's so much for us to look forward to in the future.

3. Disney
I love anything to do with Disney, even my wedding dress is from the Alfred Angelo Disney princess-inspired collection!

I have lovely memories of going to see the movies and going to the Disneyland theme parks when I was young and I can't wait to share the same experiences all over again with my future son/daughter.

4. Dancing
When I left school I went straight to dance college and lived/danced in London for a while too. As everyone says (because it's true), it's very competitive and you really need a thick skin. You learn to brush things off so easily, because if you don't, you would crack up!

5. My Family
I think it's really important to try and maintain a good relationship with your family, and thankfully mine is a close one. What I also love is that me and Craig are part of each other's families. I go and see his family on my own sometimes and he goes off to do things with my dad sometimes too. The rest of my family live past the Lake District so I don't get to see them very often but they are the loveliest (and also the loudest) people you'd ever meet!

6. My Friends
Me and my 'big sister'/maid of honour Lisa
I have a lovely bunch of friends who are all so supportive. This is why I'm having such a nightmare choosing bridesmaids! Even though we've all moved on from the days where we would go out every night and didn't have any responsibilities and are now engaged/married/have children, we still have good relationships and it's nice that we now have all these new experiences to share together.

7. Home Sweet Home
There is no place I love to be more than at home, specifically my bed! I love being comfy cosy in the house especially in winter when it's freezing outside!

8. Playing with Make-Up
I don't claim to be fantastic at make-up, but I do enjoy playing around with it and learning. I've received brief training days through my agency and have worked for plenty of brands over the years. I always like picking up tips from people that I get to work with and from YouTube too.

9. Travelling
The Atlantis Hotel - The Bahamas
 I know I've pointed this out before but I've ran out of idea's haha. You'll have gathered from previous posts that I like going on holiday, I go on about 4 a year.

Friday, 23 November 2012

What I've Been Buying: November

First, I'm going to start with the bag of things from Lush that I bought last week. I went in to buy gift boxes for two people but of course I ended up buying things for myself too because it's pretty much impossible not to when you're in there!

The two gift sets are really cute and I had to get them as I know the girls on the receiving end are gonna love them. And yes I admit the fact that they're already wrapped up nicely makes me happy too as it's one less job! The orange one is called Festive Cheer and it's £8.95. It contains a santa shaped sugar scrub and a shower gel which actually contains a little tequila. As soon as I knew that, I knew that was the right gift! The purple one on the right though is my favourite and really I wish I was getting it, it's called Out of this World and the wrapping paper is glow in the dark. I can't find the exact price for it but I think it was about the same price as the other gift. This contains a pink star rock star soap and the space girl bath ballistic.

Onto the other products, I actually bought three bath bombs but we were too excited to try the third one out before I managed to photograph it haha. The orange one is called The Enchanter and it has a really citrusy scent which I like. I haven't actually used this one yet so I will do a seperate review for it. The one on the right is called The Golden Wonder Bath Bomb and it actually turned the water dark blue (eventually) after fizzling into lots of other different colours first. This has really good reviews on the Lush website and I agree that it's one of my favourites now. The one that wasn't pictured was the Butterball, recommended to me by the lady who was serving me after I told her what kind of things are going on with me and my body/skin right now - she even gave me it for free as a gift, how nice is that! This was lovely to use, although it's not one to use if you use the bath bombs to look at how it fizzes and turns into all these different colours, it was very plain with just a little bit of shimmer, but I love anything that smells like vanilla so it was good enough for me.

So I don't know why my fiance is doing this so close to my birthday and Christmas when he already has enough to fork out for but this week I've been receiving quite a few random presents from him for no particular reason. First of all he came home with a big box of Thorntons chocolates to make me happy because I'm really into chocolate right now! And today he came home with these goodies..

James Brown Protect & Nourish Set: £10 - Boots
Soap & Glory Tricks of the Shade Palette
Ted Baker A Star is Born Gift Set: £40 - Boots
I'm going to a friends birthday party tomorrow night, it's the first time I've been out in ages (and I mean just out in general, I'm too scared to venture too far nowadays because I've been so ill and I'm scared of having a bad turn in public!) and I'm not feeling too hot in general so he said he wanted to buy me lots of new make-up and hair things to play with so I feel a little better about myself before I go. How lovely of him to do that for me!

VO5 Smoothly Does It - freebie in Cosmo, get it quick!
Original Source Shower Gels - currently £1 each in Boots
I haven't actually used it yet but I am obsessed with the smell of the Vanilla Milk & Raspberry shower gel, it smells soooo good, like pick n mix :)

Friday, 16 November 2012

The Ten Day You Challenge: Ten Secrets

I first spotted this on Kerys' blog quite a while ago now, and I've seen it pop up on other blog's recently, so thought I would finally give it a go.

Today is ten secrets! I don't think I have that many secrets to be honest, so it's more of a things you might not know about me kind of list. So here we go..

10. I'm not very trusting of people apart from the people closest to me. I don't really think this is a bad thing and it doesn't mean I don't talk to or not nice to people, I just don't let them into my life properly until I'm sure of them.

9. On the same kind of subject, I'm very much a forgive-but-never-forget kind of person, I just don't think it's healthy to hold grudges but the walls would definitely be up from then on!

8. Despite hating the sight of blood and needles, I love medical and health type programmes. Supersize vs Superskinny, 24 Hours in A&E, Embarrassing Bodies, Embarrassing Fat Bodies and Unsafe Sex in the City (my new personal favourite), yes they're grim but for some reason I can't stop watching?

7. I've dabbled with the idea of having a tattoo in the past, but the reality is that I'll be too much of a baby and I'll probably get bored of it after a while and want something else!

6. I hardly ever drink. I never drink in the house or in restaurants, only when I'm going on a night out in town.

5. Ghosts and supernatural things really fascinate me - not that I ever want to actually have an encounter though!

4. The only things I ever drink are water, smoothies, fruit juice and tea. If I do have the odd craving for something fizzy, I always go for Fanta. I very rarely have energy drinks, they're way too sweet for my liking.

3. I don't eat meat. I don't like the taste or texture of any of them. I like certain types of fish but that's it really. Saying that, I'm fussy with food in general!

2. I've never actually gotten this checked out but I do believe I must have broken one of my toes when I used to do ballet on pointe as it looks slightly bent and not normal! I'm sure it didn't always look like that!

1. I'm not doing so good at this recently because of a sensitive stomach but normally I'm a very healthy eater. I really try to eat good as I feel so much better for it.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Wedding Blog #2: Trying on Wedding Dresses

Going to try wedding dresses on for the first time can be a daunting but very exciting experience. I've been pre-occupied with other things the last few weeks (last year of university taking up a huge chunk of my time at the moment), so I went there without much thought about bridesmaid colours or what kind of dress I wanted. Seeing so many dresses on the rack without a clear idea of what I wanted in my mind was a little bit overwhelming!

I had a chat with a lovely lady called Donna who owns a bridal shop not too far from me, who does girls nights at her bridal shop every Friday night. We went around there after the shop had shut to the public for the day and she encouraged us to bring food and drink to make it more of a fun, relaxed atmosphere. I wanted to make sure the other girls had a good time as well! It's really helpful to have one-on-one advice and having someone who has years of experience helping brides find their perfect dress, pulling out dresses for you to try on. I'm sure this isn't the only place who does that kind of thing, if you ring around bridal shops I'm sure some of them must do similar kinds of things!

Before trying on dresses, make sure you have a few things with you. If you have your wedding shoes already, bring them. If not, just bring along some heels. Wear a strapless bra, as it's very likely you'll be trying on strapless dresses. And finally, wear big knickers if you're shy, because the dress lady is going to see you without your clothes on when she's helping you in your dress!

What I learnt very quickly, is that big dresses do not suit me! I always thought I would want a big dress, but when I got them on, they drowned me. I should have seen it coming as I'm a petite size 6, and the dress lady put a couple on me to show me just what few favours they do for my shape. What actually did suit me, were the strapless tight dresses, which actually gave me a lovely figure. You just don't know what's going to look good and what's going to look bad on you until you get them on. Keep an open mind, and be willing to try something you wouldn't ordinarily try on. The ones that looked best on me, I didn't look twice at them on the rail.

Make sure you have people with you who are going to give honest opinions. Needless to say, you'll want your mam there. I'm really close to my mam and I know she'll always be (sometimes brutally!) honest, but really supportive. Invite your other half's mam and sisters too, as it's nice for them to get involved as well. Bring close friends too, if you like. You don't have to bring all these people along with you to every fitting, but when you're first trying dresses on, it's good to get excited and chip in ideas altogether.

Remember to take pictures of yourself in each dress so you can look back at them later on, and enjoy yourself, trying the dresses on is fun and you're never going to do it again!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

My Favourite Date

I've got a little bit of insomnia right now and seen this question flying about on other blogs, so thought I would make a quick post. The question is: what is the best date you've been on?

Honestly, we have a good time everytime we go out, but I think the one that stands out most to me is the time he took me camping. I'm not sure if we were actually officially together when we did this, but he decided he wanted to take me camping one night and I decided to keep an open mind and agree to it even though I'm not really an outdoorsy camping type of girl. My parents were really surprised I even went! I drove to the middle of nowhere and he pitched the tent while I handed him random tools and stood there shivering. He then pointed out the stars to me, with some help from an app on his phone to tell me what was what! Then we just lay in the tent, had some nibbles and went to sleep. Being the over-dramatic person I am, I made sure we had suitable weapons in case there were murderers or vicious wild animals (ie. a hammer which slept between us), and I didn't know until morning that there was a big brown spider in the tent keeping us company too. I don't think I would do it again but looking back it was a nice way for us to get to know each other a bit better!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

LOTN: Cinema Date Night

The other night I found myself in the rare situation where I was actually ready before Craig, so I decided to snap a picture so I could use it in a LOTN post. We'd decided to have a date night at the cinema to see the new James Bond film. It was really good, although I think I did fall asleep for five minutes of it haha! I'm so tired all the time now and really struggle to concentrate on something for more than an hour, never mind for over two hours! I still really enjoyed it though despite my little nap halfway through!

So the dress is from Miss Sixty, I like to wear long sleeves in the cinema as it always seems to be freezing. The boots are from Dorothy Perkins. I didn't wear any accessories, I don't really wear a lot of jewellery, so all I have on is my engagement ring. That's it, very simple LOTN :) 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Balance Me Daily Essentials Pure Skin Face Wash

A couple of months ago I made a post about Glamour's Balance Me skin care giveaway and promised I would review the products once I'd finished with them. I used up the last of the Pure Skin Face Wash last night and I have to say it was a pleasure to use! The face wash is actually recommended for normal/combination skin and I have quite dry skin, but I still felt it worked well for me and didn't dry it out further as it is quite a creamy non-foaming texture. I left this product on my skin once to let it work as a face mask and although my skin wasn't irritated, it did make it go slightly pink but as there was no discomfort, I put it down to the essential oils in the product getting to work. A 50ml bottle lasted me three months which I think is pretty reasonable as I used it twice a day. I would be highly inclined to re-purchase this product again in the future. You can buy this cleanser here

Sunday, 14 October 2012

My Engagement Party

This weekend was our engagement party!

There was a bit of a running joke that the only thing missing was the vicar - there was definitely a lot of planning that went into it, but we wanted to throw a really good party as we're not planning on getting married for another two years or so. You can't really see my make-up properly in the picture but it was done by a lovely lady who works for No7, and my hair was actually done by Craig's mam as she's trained in hairdressing before. My dress is from the Lipsy VIP range. I love Lipsy's party dresses and wear them for most occasions!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Friday Five

1. What do you remember about high school dances?
They were as good as school parties are gonna get, I think we only had them at Christmas though!

2. At whose house would you and your friends usually gather after school-related activities?
Most of the time it was between two girls called Laura and Kelly as they lived the closest to the school.

3. Who in your school had a memorable nickname?
You know school was so long ago I can't even remember!

4. What was your high school cafeteria like?
I never used to eat there, I either went out, home or to a friends house.

5. Your parents aren't reading this, so what were some of the crazy (or just memorable) things you or your friends did while driving?
Haha! Nothing too bad :)

The Friday Five

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Shopping Haul

I've bought a few new things recently so I thought a haul post was due! :)

I bought the Dove Fresh deodorant as I needed another deodorant and it was reduced to 99p.. unfortunately I think that was for good reason! I must have thought it was ok in the shop but when I got it on I just didn't like the smell, but aside from that it lasts really well which is the main thing. I bought the St. Tropez spray tan as I've used the lotion before and it's always worked really well for me. I haven't used this yet, but I'm confident it will work just as good as the other products I've used in the range. I've tried a lot of fake tans before and St. Tropez is the one I always come back to because I know it will work!

Image from ASOS website

Skirt is from Bank
I went to Corsica recently (hence the little hiatus) and I bought these beauties from Mango! They were a necessity anyway as I forgot to pick my sunglasses up out of my car before I left, I really like them though :)

I love these!! They're from the Kurt Geiger department in Debenhams and they were on sale. I only bought them a few days ago so the Debenhams sale is probably still on. There were some lovely Lipsy shoes on sale too!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Spa Treatment Review: Hot Stone Tummy Treatment

This is a unique type of massage that I'd never heard of until about a week or two ago. The Savannah Aveda Spa in Newcastle advertised their hot stone tummy treatment on their website, describing itself as a natural colonic, and ideal for anyone suffering from IBS and bloating. I have recently been diagnosed with IBS and instead of mindlessly popping the pills my doctor prescribed for me, I decided I wanted to try changing my diet and doing natural remedies first before turning to medication. So far it's working out very well.

Before I begin, I have to point out that I was very ill just after I got this which I feel probably affected how my body reacted to it. The dentist's theory was that I probably bit my cheek in my sleep causing an open wound, which doesn't sound that bad, but meant I couldn't eat solid food. I could have lived with that, but then I was given antibiotics which I turned out to be allergic to.. I'm sure you can imagine what kind of state I ended up in!

So my appointment started with me filling in a form detailing my brief medical history and my general wellbeing (energy levels, moods, etc). This was followed by a chat with the therapist who also has IBS, so it was good to chat with somebody who knew exactly what I go through. I had to lie under the towel on the bed in my underwear and she started some reflexology. I've never had reflexology before now and I find it really interesting but I'm still on the fence about whether I think it works or not. Either way I'm not going to complain about getting a foot rub! Next, she massaged my stomach using just her hands, then using hot stones. I know it sounds vile for me to admit but I have to be honest, it made me want to do a big massive pump haha. I didn't, but that's what it made me feel like I needed to do, and apparently it happens a lot when people get that treatment! The massage felt slightly weird as it was purely on my stomach but was relaxing for the most part. At the end of the massage, we had another chat and she recommended some of the herbal treatments she uses to keep hers under control. The advice I received was really helpful and I definitely feel like I came away more knowledgable about the condition. The whole thing took about an hour.

Before leaving, I was told bowel movements would come gradually over six hours. I didn't poop until three days later, which for me is a very long time! Obviously I wasn't eating very much at all either which probably influenced this, I'm pretty certain it wouldn't have been a three day wait if I was carrying on with my usual diet. I think I would go back for another treatment if I was going through a bad patch and having constant 'attacks' as the massage does help, and just being able to relax can calm it all down as stress is a trigger. I paid £28 for it, which isn't bad considering you're getting a lot of valuable advice along with it. Check out the spa where I had it done here

Friday, 14 September 2012

My Favourite False Eyelashes

I took this as I was in the middle of doing my make-up so I hadn't removed the fall-out from the eyeshadow off my cheek yet, that's why I look like a glitter ball! False eyelashes are my absolute must-have especially when I'm doing an evening look, which is why I wanted to share with you my favourite falsies. I'm tempted to make a how to apply video at some point as my friends always ask me to show them how to apply the strips or to do it for them, so I'm sure there must be more girls out there who would benefit from a little tutorial. The eyelashes I have been using for the past year or so are the Eylure Girls Aloud ones, in the style of Kimberley (not just because we share the same name haha!). I like them because they are natural looking but with a very noticable difference in the length and thickness. I have quite big round eyes so this style suits me well. Eylure is a good brand to use as they have a lot of different styles, I can't remember the style number but I used to use the second thinnest strips and they were really good for a similar natural look too. Lashes I have used in the past that I haven't been a fan of are Revlon, because I didn't feel like they were easy to cut or apply glue to and 'shape' (I will talk about this in my little tutorial), and basically any eyelashes sold in the supermarket for the same reasons! It is worth paying £5 - £6 for the good quality ones as it is so much easier to apply and they last much longer as well.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Throwback Thursday

This is one of my favourite baby pictures, that is my nanna and my uncle playing with me! Baby pictures are always so funny to look back at!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Lush Big Blue

Recently I tried the Big Blue bath bomb from Lush, which costs £3.20. It contains lavender and lemon oil, as well as seaweed and sea salt. It smelt really nice and turned the bath water deep blue. According to Lush, this bathbomb is supposed to replicate a tropical sea (hence the seaweed!), and it certainly did feel very refreshing, leaving my skin very soft. The only thing I didn't like about this product is that the seaweed was such a pain to get out of the bath tub afterwards! For that reason, I'm not sure I would buy this bath bomb again when Lush offers many more bath bombs which aren't so messy.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

My Week in Pictures

I've been looking for anniversary presents.. I love these rings from Pandora!

My two boys

We've been to see two wedding venues this week and I love the place with the deer park! Nothing is getting booked until we've saved the money up (which we've started doing) as I know I definitely don't want to get into debt and I know Craig doesn't either, so the engagement will last as long as it takes to pay for everything we want on our day. I will get into more detail about the wedding venues we've seen on my next wedding blog though.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Wedding Blog #1: Our First Year

So if we've worked out our dates correctly, Craig and I met one year ago today! What better time to start my wedding blog?

When I met Craig, I'd been single maybe just over two months. As is always the way when you hear these stories, I wasn't looking for a relationship when I met him. I wouldn't say the break-up I'd gone through two months earlier was a particularly bad one, but the whole experience did make me want to be a bit selfish and have some me time for a while, going out with my friends without worrying about anybody else. The night he approached me, we just talked a lot and had a laugh, then he asked for my number when I had to leave. Although we were going on regular dates, I kept things more on a friendly level at first, as someone else who I had known longer was also asking me on dates. To keep things as simple as possible, I kept things on a friendly level with both of them for a few weeks while I was figuring it all out. We got very close, very quickly, so it didn't take too long for me to realise who it was I wanted to be with. After all of our dates, we would sit in the backseat of my car at the beach and talk for hours. We never, ever ran out of things to talk about. We could tell each other anything. I always used to cringe when people said this, but he really became like a best friend as well as a boyfriend. Within two months of getting together, he'd told me he loved me and that he was going to marry me. It sounds insane, and to be honest, it freaked me out a little. It was a good three or four months until I could start telling him I loved him first, or until I could start talking about marriage properly. I was really scared, and now I'm not actually sure why! It was a lot to take in, in such a short space of time. It's funny to see how people respond. One friend of mine freaked out when I told her this story, and she vowed she could never, ever get engaged or move in with someone so quick. I told her to wait until she meets the person she wants to be with for the rest of her life. I take great pleasure in teasing her now because merely weeks after she told me that, she met her current boyfriend and moved in with him within three months. She now completely understands where I'm coming from. I always know that people who criticise our relationship just don't understand, and won't understand until it happens to them, so it doesn't get to me. My parents got engaged after six months. They've been together 27 years, so it definitely proves that it really doesn't matter how long you've known each other before you get engaged.

I got my engagement ring in May. I don't know where this rumour came from, but I definitely did NOT run out and buy my own ring. I have no idea why someone would think that, but just to clear that up.. lol :) I did pick out several rings that I liked, and Craig then used those ideas to buy me the ring he ultimately decided on. It was really important to him to go out and choose something himself, and I'm really fussy so I had a hard time letting him do this at first, but in the end and after looking at literally millions of rings, I let him take control of the ring picking! I knew when he was going to give me it because he was a nervous wreck all day, which then made me nervous, and for some reason when I'm nervous I laugh so we laughed all the way through his little proposal/ring presentation haha. It's white gold with 7 little cluster diamonds, so it's very sparkly, just the way I wanted it! He did really good!

Our engagement party is in seven weeks, so I'll be back with another wedding blog soon focusing on how we celebrate our engagement :)

Friday, 24 August 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Spa

Recently I was sent a sachet of Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Spa, which is a clay-infused fabric mask, something I've never tried before. I have dry skin so I was a little skeptical about using a clay mask as I assumed it would be more suited for oily skin, but I decided to try it anyway. The texture of it was slightly watery but it quickly settled on the skin. The mask is meant to be a once-a-week spa-like treat, and it definitely felt like a luxury to use as wearing the actual mask kind of forced me to sit down and take ten minutes out while I let it get to work. After washing it off, thankfully my skin didn't feel dried out but actually soft and pretty refreshed. The clay kind of had a 'cooling' effect which I liked. I would definitely use it again, I am thinking about making it my weekly skin treatment inbetween facials. What I also like about this brand is that it's suitable for vegetarians, against animal testing, and BUAV & PETA-approved. Find out more at

Thursday, 23 August 2012

I'm Back!

I was gone way longer than I intended to be! It's been a crazy few weeks with moving and working and now finally we have the internet set up so I can get back to updating.

So, I guess I'll tell you a little about where I've been and what I've been doing! We've settled into our new home well. I've always said that I would never live with anyone unless I'm engaged to them, so this is the first (and only) time I've moved in with someone. Everyone told me to be prepared for disagreements - the first week was the worst! Especially as it was also an incredibly stressful week at work as well, next time I have to do this, I know to take the week off! But overall, we've actually adjusted pretty well. The apartment block we live in is very secure and has designated car parking spaces, plus I we live a short walk away from university and the town centre, so it's pretty much perfect for us. The flat itself has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and an open plan kitchen and living area.

As for work, it has been an interesting experience and honestly, it's flown over! I'm glad I got involved with the company to give myself something to do over summer, and I feel I've learned a lot. It turns out I can actually work flexible hours for them when I go back to university too, which is really good as it's always helpful to get some work experience and extra £££!

That's all I've been up to! Look out for some new posts in the next few days!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Short Hiatus

As mentioned, we moved into our new home on Saturday! We're still trying to find our feet so there probably won't be much in the way of updates this week as I'm working quite a lot as well as unpacking and decorating. We haven't properly sorted our internet connection out either which makes it harder. I will be back to making updates ASAP!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Ten Day Make-Up Challenge Day One: One Make-Up Product You Use Everyday

One make-up product I use everyday is Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Before I worked for Urban Decay over the Christmas period last year, I had never used an eyeshadow primer, and from the training I went through provided by them, I discovered what the fuss about primers was. This is one of Urban Decay's most popular products and it's not really hard to see why. A tiny bit goes a very long way, you just need to squeeze a little of the product on your finger and dab on your eyelid and under the eyes, then anything you put on top of that stays put all day. Because of this, my tube has lasted me ages even though I use it everyday. You can buy this for £14.50 from Debenhams