Thursday, 2 May 2013

Blog Everyday in May Challenge: Top Five Health & Fitness Tips

#2: educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at
Without a doubt what people come to me for advice about more than anything else is fitness and how to flatten their stomach/tone their tush/etc. I'd be here all day though if I were to write everything I know, so I've decided to give my top five easy tips for incorporating health and fitness into your life:


1. When going up stairs, take two at a time for a tighter bum and thighs.
2. Walk as many journeys as possible.
3. Incorporate fruit or veg into every meal. Personally I add fruit to my breakfast, a salad with whatever I'm having for lunch and veg with my dinner.
4. Do squats or lunges whilst watching TV.
5. Keep well hydrated; thirst is very often mistook for hunger. Have a drink first then see how you feel after half an hour.


  1. People can always squeeze in some exercise while watching tv. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I'm lazy and don't. Ha!

    I'm visiting from the linkup.

  2. I find it so much easier to do when I get to watch my favourite TV show at the same time, it's a nice distraction!

  3. I'm totally guilty of #5. Drink water first, eat second!

  4. Great tips! Love the stairs one.

  5. great tips!! :) I really like it. I should start walking up the stairs but having to go to the 6th floor makes me quite lazy :D

  6. These are amazing tips and I'm trying to work on each and every one of these! Thanks for sharing, girl!

    Courtney @ Little Miss MBA

  7. Love the quick, simple tips! Easy to remember, easy to implement, and something that relates to almost everyone. Great take on today's challenge!!