Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Blog Everyday in May Tag: Biggest Fear

I did do a tag not long ago describing all of my (mostly irrational) fears, so I won't go into them again!
So I've decided to do a little post on what is scaring me right now..

Childbirth - just the general ickiness of it. Craig's already bagsied his spot firmly at the waist-UP. It's gonna be interesting!

Also, failing university. I have no actual solid evidence that I should fail, but my mind has a way of convincing itself that I'm not going to pass, even though I've done everything that's been asked of me and worked really hard. Yet in my mind, I've still definitely failed...

What if a wasp flies in the house when I'm alone? (Random)
Somehow choking on my own blood whilst I battle my horrendous nosebleeds that I seem to be getting everyday

As you can see, I have such big problems in my life...

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