Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Ten Day You Challenge - Nine Loves

Continuing the Ten Day You Challenge - today I'm going to do my nine loves!

1. My Pets
I've always loved animals, I've lost count of how many pets I've actually had over the years!

2. The Other Half
This is kind of a given, but it would be odd not to include him in the list! I can talk to him about anything and we know pretty much everything about each other. You know it's real love when you know every last gory detail about them and their past and you still love them anyway! He has some habits that (really!) bug me but I do things that bug him too, that's pretty standard in any relationship. We're getting married in just under two years and there's so much for us to look forward to in the future.

3. Disney
Photo: about.com
I love anything to do with Disney, even my wedding dress is from the Alfred Angelo Disney princess-inspired collection!

I have lovely memories of going to see the movies and going to the Disneyland theme parks when I was young and I can't wait to share the same experiences all over again with my future son/daughter.

4. Dancing
When I left school I went straight to dance college and lived/danced in London for a while too. As everyone says (because it's true), it's very competitive and you really need a thick skin. You learn to brush things off so easily, because if you don't, you would crack up!

5. My Family
I think it's really important to try and maintain a good relationship with your family, and thankfully mine is a close one. What I also love is that me and Craig are part of each other's families. I go and see his family on my own sometimes and he goes off to do things with my dad sometimes too. The rest of my family live past the Lake District so I don't get to see them very often but they are the loveliest (and also the loudest) people you'd ever meet!

6. My Friends
Me and my 'big sister'/maid of honour Lisa
I have a lovely bunch of friends who are all so supportive. This is why I'm having such a nightmare choosing bridesmaids! Even though we've all moved on from the days where we would go out every night and didn't have any responsibilities and are now engaged/married/have children, we still have good relationships and it's nice that we now have all these new experiences to share together.

7. Home Sweet Home
There is no place I love to be more than at home, specifically my bed! I love being comfy cosy in the house especially in winter when it's freezing outside!

8. Playing with Make-Up
I don't claim to be fantastic at make-up, but I do enjoy playing around with it and learning. I've received brief training days through my agency and have worked for plenty of brands over the years. I always like picking up tips from people that I get to work with and from YouTube too.

9. Travelling
The Atlantis Hotel - The Bahamas
 I know I've pointed this out before but I've ran out of idea's haha. You'll have gathered from previous posts that I like going on holiday, I go on about 4 a year.

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