Friday, 14 December 2012

Happy Birthday to Me & Friday Five

Well I'm another year older today! Woohoo (not) - birthdays become slightly less exciting the further away you get from your teens!

Ignore the 'purr' - private joke lol

I just finished university for the year yesterday and I had the flat to myself this morning so I made the most of it by spending some quality time with the bed and the remote! I've had some visitors this afternoon and received some lovely gifts which I will do a seperate post on over the weekend. Craig is taking me out tonight although I don't know where yet as he won't tell me, and tomorrow night the celebrations continue at Marcello's which is an Italian restaurant down the road, with all my friends and family. It's kind of a tradition in my family for every birthday we all go out for dinner and invite loads of family and friends, the group seems to get bigger every year now as we're all settling down as well, it's always a really good night though!

Here is today's Friday Five to finish off, I will post again over the weekend..

1. How self-conscious do you get when someone's pointing a camera at you?
Not very, the only time I do is when people take them randomly without warning, but I don't think anybody likes that!

2. What was the last meal you took a photo of?
When I made a Sunday dinner a few weeks ago, which I then picked at and hardly ate, everyone else liked it though!

3. When were you last bitten or stung by something?
I think it was in Egypt a few years ago, I don't really tend to get bitten really. I mustn't taste very nice?!

4. What's something people miss most when they move away from your area?
I don't think they make cheesy chips properly anywhere else outside of the north east, and I guess there's events like the air show that people might miss if they moved away

5. On long day-trips do you prefer to be the driver or the passenger? Why?
I'm usually the driver, but I don't mind either way!

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