Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday Pinspiration

 Can you think of a time in your life when you just settled, even though you knew you weren't 100% happy and should change the situation?
I'd take a good guess that most people have, I can think of a few examples for myself personally. Relationships I should have ended sooner and jobs I should have left years before I got the courage to do so to name a few!
Change is scary and it seems harder to do so the longer you stay in whichever situation you're in. Initially (in my experience), the change IS hard and it is scary, before it is replaced with the realisation that you are now free to choose a new path, which can be very exciting. Sometimes you can't imagine doing something else with your life, career or otherwise, until you're actually free and somewhat 'forced' to make a choice about what you're going to do next. Or, in the words of Joey, you won't change anything until you get 'The Fear'...

Don't settle because changing the situation seems like too much hard work or a hassle, because eventually, you're going to look back and really wish you had went through a short period of time where maybe you were sad, or scared, but then moved onto something better and enjoyed a better life as a result. I know everybody says this, but life really is short and unfortunately Craig and I witnessing this harsh reminder now and in the months to come. Maybe that's why I chose this quote today? You never know when your time is up, and unfortunately it could be sooner than you think. It's a depressing thought and even more depressing to watch it happen in the family, but what it is also certainly teaching us both is that you need to make the most of every day and I don't think anybody wants to look back on their life and regret something that they could have changed, but didn't.
If you are unhappy with any aspect of your life and have the ability and want to change it, why not start today?

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