Friday, 1 February 2013

Bump Blog #3: We Are Having a BOY!

I was took into the hospital today for an emergency scan. We weren't due to find out the sex of the baby for another week but I had to go in today as I had some cramping and started bleeding last night. I can't describe the most awful feeling that you get when you discover blood when you're pregnant. Even though the risk of miscarriage is very low after the twelve week mark, you're still filled with panic and imagine the worst. My mam told me that in this scenario they have to listen in to see if there's still a heartbeat, I was in bits waiting to see if we could still find one. Craig had to be the strong one whilst we waited even though he was worried as well. Thankfully a very good, strong heartbeat was found almost immediately. I don't think I've ever been so relieved! So this morning I was squeezed in for a scan, which I really appreciated them doing as they were very busy today, and it looks like we have a tail there haha! So it looks like we're having a boy! It was quite a thorough scan, all the organs look like they've developed normally and the placenta is where it should be. So far so good. She couldn't see the spine as little baby Flynn was too comfortable lying where he was and wouldn't co-operate and roll over but I have a few more scans to go anyway. I can't remember if I mentioned that I'm having more scans in my previous posts, it's just to check that he's growing properly as I'm slightly underweight. I've always found it hard to put weight on and it's never been a problem before as everyone who knows me know I eat like a horse and I'm not ill because of it, it's just that it's pretty essential that I put a certain amount on whilst I'm pregnant! I thought it would happen naturally but it didn't for the first few months, so I've seen a dietitian and hopefully after following her advice I've put a little more on now. I just hope that the bleeding was just an isolated incident and that it won't happen again. I know that from reading other women's blogs that the bleeding thing is quite common but it's still scary when it happens to you because it can be brought on by so many different things and I've read so many different outcomes. I'd just done some pregnancy yoga so it's possible it was just something as simple as that, that triggered it. But the most important thing is that from what we seen today, everything seems to be fine!

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