Monday, 16 July 2012

No7 Fanomenal Lashes

While I'm on a break from packing, I decided to do a review of the new No7 Fanomenal Lashes mascara. Admittedly I would never have even thought of buying this mascara, it was actually a little present from my fiance who decided to buy it for me one day. I usually wear Elysambre Long Lash Natural Mascara, which is a natural, mineral-based mascara (I will do a review on this soon). However, I decided to try this mascara anyway and I have to say I was very impressed with it.

I am the kind of girl who needs false eyelashes whenever I go out on an evening. I just don't feel done without them, and although I've had some good mascaras, none are good enough to make me feel I could just use that product and not need the falsies. This isn't the product that will make me give them up (I don't think there ever will be!), however it's the best mascara I've used in terms of getting that full and thick, false-lash effect.

As you should see, it's a thin comb-like wand, which really helps seperate and define the lashes. In the few weeks I've been using it, it has never made my lashes clump together.

I need to work on my close-up photography skills, but anyhow you should see how long and curly this mascara made my eyelashes look, and whilst it made them thicker they still look very natural as well. This mascara is £12.95 from Boots

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